Must See: Epic Dodge Charger Police Chase

With this video of a Dodge Charger running from the cops, we once again see someone who thinks they’ve finally figured out how to escape from authorities because they have a fast car.

It happens all the time and most of them don’t get away.

He speeds past a loaded school bus in an attempt to exit the interstate and lose the cops.

On the service road, the driver zooms past another two loaded school buses.

This Charger just keeps ripping down surface streets after getting off the freeway, barely slowing down to check intersections are clear before blowing through red lights. 

As it happens to us all, thick traffic on a smaller road throws a curve ball for the suspect, who decides to cut through a Best Buy parking lot and almost gets taken out by a bulldozer.

Eventually, the driver decides to try his luck running on foot.

It doesn't take long for him to get cornered by police

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