minor killed by reckless undergrond racer

An underground car meet turned deadly last night near Houston, Texas.

A 16 year old boy and 35 year old man were killed when a man, 22, crashed and sent a vehicle into onlookers gathered to watch the illegal street racing.

Another 14 year-old boy was criticall wounded and airlifted to a nearby hospital. Several others suffered non-critical injuries.

Andrew Mock, the driver of the speeding yellow Chevrolet Camaro, is in custody charged with two counts of manslaughter. Bond is set at $50,000

Mock told onlookers he was going to "fly by" before reaching 100 mph and striking the innocent grey Chevy Malibu.

Another incident caused by underground "Street Takeover" type of events has amplified calls for law makers to more strongly penalize those involved in these gatherings.

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