The Dodge Charger Pickup is Insanely Cool

For quite some time, people have rightfully been saying the 6th generation Dodge Charger’s nose reminds them of a Ram pickup, so someone decided to turn the car into just that.

It’s an off-the wall approach for doing something useful with an old Charger.

The company behind these conversions is Smyth Kit Cars. They have a tongue-in-cheek tagline that “the modern El Camino is actually a Hemi Charger.”

As you can see, the kit involves chopping up the Dodge Charger body at the B-pillars.

The bed is made of multiple aluminum panels plus a tailgate from a Ford F-150 of all things. Amazingly, that bed is 6 feet-long while the payload rating is about 900 lbs.

The rear glass is from a Chevy Colorado but the rear quarter windows are bespoke. As for the taillights, you’ll never believe what they come from: a Dodge Grand Caravan. How ironic.

There are different options for the kit, from lowered to more of a police theme.


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