Adam Carolla’s Car Collection

Adam Carolla’s car collection shows true depth and knowledge of automotive and motorsport history.

Carolla insists he didn’t start collecting cars to get rich but instead just loves the beauty of vehicles like the Miura.

Already an extremely rare car, this Miura SV is the only one to leave the factory with the blue paint and tan leather interior

As the successor to the 400 GT and a contemporary of the Miura, the Islero was overshadowed.

With a potent V12 under the hood, many consider this to be one of the best modern Aston Martins.

As we said before, Carolla has a thing for Paul Newman racecars. One of the most notable he owns is a Porsche 935 he’s raced on a few tracks.

Paul Newman Trans Am racecar, it’s one of two Oldsmobiles the actor drove competitively. And yes, Carolla owns the other one as well.

One of many racecars Paul Newman piloted to victory during his time, there’s a lot of history in this Nissan 300ZX.

Another of Newman’s racecars, this 300ZX is a sister to the 1988 model with almost exactly the same setup.

Like the other vintage racers Carolla owns, he’s taken this to track events and given it a good flogging, but it still looks beautiful so he wasn’t that harsh on it.

Another Paul Newman car, the actor apparently spent a lot of time behind the wheel and must have truly enjoyed it.

Lovingly called the Batmobile, this racer terrorized the competition on the European touring car racing circuit for almost a decade.

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